3429 Fremont Ave N. #317, Seattle, WA 98103

Phone: (206) 300-2452 x 702



Click here for a Google Map to Office 

To access the elevator in my office building, follow the directions above, but enter the building at 3417 Fremont Ave N. Proceed down the hallway to the elevator. My office is on floor 2R. Upon exiting the elevator, take two lefts to find suite 317. 


The PCC garage no longer offers free parking. You will need to search the area near the offices and be prepared to pay the meter for parking. Free two hour parking is available on N 34th and N 35th Streets north of Evanston Ave. Parking on the block directly around the office is pay-only. Once you reach the building, it might seem as though the door is locked. The handle on the door is not locked; it just doesn't turn. Pull the door instead, and it should open. 

If you will be at your appointment for longer than two hours, such as with assessments, you should park in the pay-for-use parking lots. There are four near my office, one at the corner of Evanston Ave N and N 34th St. under the Red Door, one opposite the Fremont Public Library on N 35th St, and two at the corner of Phinney Ave N and N 35th St. Each lot charges $5-$10 for the day and is cash only. Bring exact change as there is no attendant for any of the lots.

Public Transportation

There are stops near my office for the number 5, 26, 28, 31, 32, 40 and 62 bus lines. Please check the Metro Transit website for current schedules.